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DTS Inc. which stands for Data Transmission System was established in 1996 by Dr. Hironao Takahashi from Japan. Our areas of expertise include products and solutions in information technology and computer science domain. Our products and solutions cover caching techniques, customer relationship management, business intelligence, semantic web and security. But based on market requirements we have already started exploring the blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) domains also.
DTS provides different solutions regarding blockchain technology which include original blockchain design and development, implementation of blockchain for industrial applications, optimized blockchain program including public blockchain for cryptocurrency, develop the blockchain node and pool node. In the case of proof of work based cryptocurrency mining, our technology boosts up the hash rate and reduces the electric power consumptions both. Here is an example of mining hash rate optimization.

Ethereum AMD VEGA56 GPU optimization result
Operating System: Windows 10
Algorithm: Ethash

Average Default Mining Result (HDD – Ethminer): 30.76403 Mhash/s
Average L2 Optimized Mining Result (HDD – Ethminer): 53.203206 Mhash/s
Power Consumption (Default setting): 164 Watt
Power Consumption (Optimized setting): 102 Watt

We also work with the academia in the blockchain and other domains. Following are some recent contributions from our side:
Hironao Takahashi , Shinji Nakano , Uzair Lakhani

SHA256d Hash Rate Enhancement by L3 Cache (GCCE 2018)
Hironao Takahashi, Amjad Hussain, Uzair Lakhani

Status Observation Agent Node for Secure Sharing Data Store in Autonomous Decentralized Network (GCCE 2019)
We have also compiled a cryprocurrency related book which we are going to publish soon. The title of this book is “Cryptocurrency Mining and Its Advanced Optimization Techniques”. This mining guide book mainly introduces the way of mining and machine settings for mining. Apart from that, this book also explains the optimization technique for mining task from mining program to pool. Additionally, AI trading bot and sentimental analysis are introduced for effectiveness trading and arbitrage. We hope that this mining guide book will help readers to understand mining process and get most effective reward in near future.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain cannot be neglected in the current era. Therefore DTS has explored this domain also to provide custom tailored applications to the clients. DTS AI development team provides following:

         o Image identification and detection by Yolo2.
         o Image detection to classify binary value for trading market by Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).
         o Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) for trading market prediction (Stock exchange and cryptocurrency).
         o Arbitrage bot design.

Yolo and CNN require designing an accurate model so that later on unseen images can be properly detected using that model. The model development requires services of a trained operator so that he can download the relevant images and perform annotation. Also the model requires good computational power therefore the development machines require powerful GPUs installed. We are already comfortabe with these requirements and welcome new clients requiring custom tailored solutions in this regard.
In order to take the AI one step further we have also focused on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our slogan is to design RPA based business to maximize the productivity of management in industry. Bots can be designed for products or service recommendation on website, trading of FX, stock and cryptocurrency including arbitrage trade, any service using human operators, help desk, healthcare consultant, medicine supply service, semantic search bot, price / value differentiation searching bot etc.
Previously we have worked on reducing the storage bottleneck problems. Platinum Cache is a caching system that helps reduce the storage bottlenecks issues that may reduce the overall performance of a system. It supports Write Through and Write Back caching policies. On the other hand DTS Act Cloud is an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system that provides your organization with features to enhance your customer interactions. DTS Business Intelligence (BI) product is for clients who want quick information and reports regarding Arab and Asian nations. DTS BI product includes dashboards and reports for users for quick decision making.
We can provide different semantic web based solutions including semantic based web crawling, semantic based mining of user interests patterns etc. DTS semantic web crawling emphasizes on semantic meanings in categorization of the search results. It groups search results using different techniques however the techniques only utilize the basic semantic meaning and different senses of a word. Semantic based mining of user interests patterns solution can try to find out about the interests of users from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter using semantic techniques. In contrast to conventional approaches in text categorization, we propose to directly use ontological knowledge for text categorization. The novelty of our method is that it does not rely on the training of a categorizer, making a training set unnecessary, and directly leveraging the knowledge from the ontology for text categorization. Thus without learning the distinguishing features of each category from documents in the training set, we are able to extract specific knowledge about the interesting domain or category from the ontology and use it for categorizing of tweets and users comments.
We also provide consultancy services especially overseas market research services. Tough economic situations, the fact that the world is becoming a global village and other factors have contributed towards exploring the overseas markets. Japanese market saturation, limits of market expansion due to a decrease in Japanese population, potential market expansion chances existing in Asian and Arab markets are some other reasons forcing Japanese business community to look overseas for market expansion. DTS has experience in overseas markets research.
GlocalizationBiz is also one of our products. GlocalizationBiz is a website where you can market your products. On this platform there are products available in many categories. Through this platform your products can reach a large audience in many parts of the world. Small and mid size companies can take advantage from this platform for the promotion of their products. In short GlocalizationBiz is a platform through which you can expand your business horizon around the globe.

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DTS INC. blockchain engineers team have been researching and developing optimized mining software for both architectures of GPUs (i.e. NVIDIA and AMD) for the purpose of increasing mining hash rates of multiple cryptocurrencies.