DTS INC. Provides You Following Cryptocurrencies Optimized Mining Software


DTS INC. Provides You Following Cryptocurrencies Optimized Mining Software

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. ... Ethereum was proposed in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality. It provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes.

Joys Digital

Joys Digital is a payment service built on the blockchain technology for making payments with digital financial assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens) when paying for goods and services online and in retail within the legal framework of countries where such settlements are made.


PIRL is a community based project that introduces the first Ethash Based Masternode to the blockchain ecosystem. The project combines state of the art technologies and have a strong focus on privacy.

Nilu Coin

Nilu is a blockchain-based platform with a wide range of applications. Besides providing a cryptocurrency platform, it can also be used to create tokens (ERC20) and deploying DAPPs (Decentralized Applications). Its infrastructure is the same as Ethereum, therefore it inherits Ethereum's features and potential usages.


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.


MULTI-LAYER BLOCKCHAIN ARCHITECTURE FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS, blockchain-based platform with a wide range of applications. Besides providing a cryptocurrency platform, it can also be used to create tokens (ERC20) and deploying DAPPs (Decentralized Applications). Its infrastructure is the same as Ethereum, therefore it inherits Ethereum's features and potential usages.

Metaverse Coin

Metaverse is a public and open-source blockchain that provides digital assets, digital identities, and oracles in a smart contract network. The concept is building a network of smart properties and a decentralized exchange for a smart and secure infrastructure.

Callisto Coin

Callisto Network is a decentralized open source crypto platform based on the go-Ethereum source code with its own cryptocurrency CLO. The main goal of Callisto is to research and develop a reference implementation of a self-sustaining, self-governed and self-funded blockchain ecosystem and development environment.


(EGEM) is a community-supported coin with no pre-mine. Based off of Ethereum. It also offers quarrynodes that pay dividends to node holders, and a robust discord community with a bot that helps management of daily tasks for node holders and members.


Ether-1 (ETHO) is a fork of Ethereum implementing a decentralized hosting platform (ethoFS) using a community-owned node network combining blockchain indexing technology and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized content on-demand.


Expanse (EXP) is a cryptocurrency . Users are able to generate EXP through the process of mining. Expanse has a current supply of 22,845,437 with 18,805,100.19 in circulation.


Electronero is a decentralized hard fork of Electroneum. Shards of ETN exist on the Electronero blockchain and new blocks are mined on Cryptonight Fast for GPU/CPU miners ANTI-ASIC proof-of-work. Claim Electronero from ETN, by restoring your keys on ETNX blockchain, mining, or order on participating exchanges.


Ryo, as a fork of Monero which itself was initially based on the CryptoNote protocol, inherits all whitepapers and academic studies from CryptoNote and Monero Research Lab. Additionally, Ryo has pioneered technologies such as Cryptonight-Heavy / Cryptonight-GPU mining algorithms and Uniform Payment ID. Some of them are already used by numerous other Monero forks.


TSF is an open source, public, block chain based platform that runs applications and block chain services powered by crowd funded tokens.Teslafunds is able to distribute crowd funding tokens on its own platform. Tokens will be used for projects that are valuable for reaching teslafunds goals, cryptocurrency researcher and programmer.


BLOC.money is the new digital cash powered by an open-source blockchain with anonymous transactions including exclusive mining tools which provide a true egalitarian money distribution combined with the world most advanced cryptocurrency ecosystem created without an Initial Coin Offering.

Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency released in 2014. It is an open-source protocol based on CryptoNote. It uses an obfuscated public ledger, meaning anyone can send or broadcast transactions, but no outside observer can tell the source, amount, or destination. Investors can mine Monero using their own CPUs, which means they don't need to pay for special hardware. Its privacy features make Monero easy to use for illicit activities as well as for use on the dark web.


DBIX is the fuel of Arabianchain and the first minable digital currency in the region.DBIX It is a currency issued based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, DBix coin Release time is 2018-12-17, Total Supply 3,300,000,000, The block height at issuance is:6901347.DBIX is an advanced version of DubaiCoin with improved security and greater efficiency to support money transfers and global payments, along with fueling the Arabian Chain platform.


X-CASH is a community-driven and open-source project developing the new standard of digital payment. Unique blockchain network with public and private transactions, custom DPOS consensus, and soon sidechains. Based and improved upon the renowned CryptoNote protocol, X-Cash aims at becoming the standard in digital payment and transaction settlement, X-Cash proposes the flexibility to send a transaction privately or publicly, directly from your wallet by toggling a simple switch, without compromising your privacy.


Ubiq is built upon an improved version of the Ethereum Codebase, putting stability at its core. Ubiq offers an enterprise-stable platform by implementing well established and thoroughly tested EVM code. This code, coupled with a conservative upgrade schedule, reduces the risk of network instability and unintended hard-forks.


Nekonium is a distributed application platform for Ethereum clones.Nekonium (NUKO) is issued as an internal currency and can be mined. It was launched for the purpose of presenting an implementation example of Ethereum copy coin and learning the functions of Ethereum. We hope that you will learn about Ethereum and the cryptocurrency system through sending, receiving and mining Nekonium.


Ethersocial has been created based on Ethereum source code. It focuses on optimized development of the reward system for online forums and games. ESN was incubated at this community and began with a discussion about reward system for contents based on text, image and video by community members in the forum.


Atheios was developed to be a stable Proof of Work platform based on Ethereum and Ubiq. Born in the crypto winter of 2018, the Atheios blockchain was fairly launched with ZERO premine and NO ICO. As a community run coin, our primary focus is improving the core features of the Atheios Blockchain to foster easy integration into gaming applications.


Niobio Cash is the Brazilian national cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin but more anonymous and privacy centric with opaque and more analysis resistant blockchain without pre-mining or ICO. Only 336 million units of Niobio Cash will be mined, making it a deflationary criptomoeda.Block explorer for Nióbio Cash CryptoNote based cryptocurrency.


Xerom is our rapid development chain, whilst Ether-1 is the mother chain that gets all the stable/proven improvements.Xerom provides a different monetary policy as well as a different ledger for ethoFS hashes to be stored in.Xerom introduces nodes that earn a share of the block reward by hosting content on the ethoFS network as well as securing the Xerom chain by running a geth instance which verifies transactions on the Xerom Network.


Xolentum uses the RandomX hashing algorithm, which means that it is ASIC resistant and mineable only by CPU and GPU. Our main objective behind this is that the person mining even on the minimal hardware should not go unrewarded.Xolentum has a 60-second block time, which means that not only transactions are secure, but fast too. Moreover, the network fee is very low.


Masari is a privacy-centric innovative cryptocurrency that allows users to send money around the globe with low fees very quickly.Masari (MSR) is a proof of work peer-to-peer internet currency using the well-researched and cryptographically sound CryptoNote and RingCT protocols. This means that every transaction origin, amount, and destination is obfuscated by default.Masari is an open source project that is fully decentralized, similar to bitcoin.


XCoin is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency with an open-source code that allows everyone to take part in the network development of Xcoin. Privacy and security are naturally proponents of XCoin and it’s best solution for those who want to keep their finances private. Based and improved upon the renowned CryptoNote protocol Cryptonight (Original)


The Sumokoin (SUMO) Mining project was created in 2017 as a Monero fork. It offered some very appealing features such as heightened security levels, privacy, and fungibility, and quickly gained popularity in the mining community. Sumokoin pools are increasing in number and efficiency, and now more of them can be monitored.


Lethean (LTHN) is a decentralized privacy solution that combines blockchain and VPN services. It creates a unique VPN sharing market that allows users to sell unused bandwidth to earn Lethean (LTHN). Users can also By using peer-to-peer VPN technology to connect to another user's bandwidth, so as to avoid browsing habits from being spied on.


Karbo is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network and stable exchange medium, designed to be used by customers and merchants as private Internet money that respects and protects their privacy. Karbo is people's electronic cash, a cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin but Ukrainian and anonymous thanks to Cryptonote technology. The key principle of CryptoNote is adaptive parameters. Karbo already has an adaptive block size limit and adaptive difficulty, which we improved, and which ensures its stable emission rate and thus makes Karbo sound money. In addition in Karbo was implemented an adaptive fee to keep transaction costs stable regardless of karbo price.


Iridium (IRD): The Community Cryptocurrency An anonymous, privacy-friendly, fairly-mined cryptocurrency with low supply, high availability, best-in-class security, and an enthusiastic community.


Wownero is a Doge-inspired, CPU-mineable, privacy-centric memecoin. It was fairly launched on April in 2018. It is a software fork of Monero with a lite version of RandomX (1MB scratchpad), a ring size of 22, a faster difficulty adjustment, and dynamic coinbase unlock times.Wownero is open-source and accessible to all,Wownero is ASIC-Resistant and uses an algorithm that is optimized for general-purpose CPUs. You can mine with XMRig.


GNTL is a decentralized public blockchain project and is fully open source.The GNTL Network uses the RandomARQ PoW Hashing Algorithm, and is ASIC and Nicehash resistant to give everyone a chance to mine. The blockchain is fast to synchronize. Transfers are anonymous and untraceable using Bullmvsroof RingCT.GNTL is based on the ArQmA codebase, which is based on the Monero codebase and is constantly enhanced with new features, developed by the team itself or the ArQmA team.


Infinium-8 (INF8) is a coin that uses CryptoNote protocol and has a strong focus on privacy of the user. It was established with an aim to become a fungible and untraceable digital medium of exchange. Developers promised that it will intrinsically have a higher degree of anonymity than Bitcoin or any of its various forks due to the implementation of CryptoNote protocol. Infinium-8 was announced on July 17, 2014 on Bitcointalk forum and launched on July 18, 2014.


Conceal Network is a community-driven, truly decentralized blockchain bank accessible to everyone regardless of social or financial status and geographic location. No one owns Conceal Network and everyone can participate for free. Conceal Network is a secure peer-to-peer privacy framework empowering individuals and organizations to anonymously communicate and interact financially in a decentralized and censorship-resistant environment.

Fedora Gold

Fedora Gold (FED coin) was launched in August 2018. The FED coin is part of the CryptoNote family, using a highly customized CryptoNight mining algorithm. The Fedora Gold project is the development team behind fedswap.com - the first distributed finance platform with a privacy coin-based rewards token. The vision is to blend the power and features of Defi with the FED privacy coin protocol, for truly private transacting and trading. This is key to our goals of increasing the value and reach of FedoraGold, by providing a foundation for future development. Your wallet, and your network traffic, are yours alone to see. FED also supports in-wallet mining; earn money while you browse the network.


ZumCoin is an open-source blockchain project being developed by the efforts contributed by its community.ZumCoin is a peer-to-peer decentralized ecosystem designed to eliminate central control and the need for a third party to validate transactions.ZumCoin implements the Random Block Reward systems in addition to the Egalitarian approach of CryptoNote to ensure a progressive and Democratic digital ecosystem.


WallStreetBets Coin is a Fast, Secure, and Private cryptocurrency. Built on a Monero base we share similar Ring signature privacy and an updated Random Arq algorithm.WallStreetBets Coin WSBC, The new Fast, Secure, Untraceable and Private cryptocurrency.WallStreetBets Token is the tokenized version of the original WallStreetBets Coin released in January 2021.

Fango (XFG)

Fango is a decentralized peer-to-peer network & privacy cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote V8 protocol which can be used to securely transfer, create, & store monetary wealth- privately; functioning as a free & open alternative to centralized banking. Fango is built by sound money advocates & fandom enthusiasts - however, thru its decentralized design, the network is owned by no one and its utility is available to anyone.


FTS Coin is the only coin that can be earned by teaching new businesses about cryptocurrency in addition to being mined via POW. Every time you get a new business to start accepting cryptocurrency and upload a video of it to FTSMothership.info you are rewarded with a set amount of FTS Coin. This means a coin that can spread cryptocurrency mass adoption as it grows.

Nimbo Coin

Nimbo Coin is created to make crypto fun for beginners. With huge mining rewards and fast block times, it's hard not to enjoy this coin! The Cryptonight Turtle Algorithm is ASIC resistant and made for the common tech junkie. Whether you have a laptop or a gaming rig you can have your share of the loot. Nimbo is all about community. Let's build something together!

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